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Increasing your yards appeal is easily obtained with our bark, mulch, and soil products. We are setup to handle your orders for large and small quantities of bark. Call us today for a free quote with delivery to your house or business. We know that with our bark products your landscape will possess a clean, crisp, and fresh new look to it. Not only will your yard look good with our bark and mulch products but they will help keep your weeds down in your beds and other locations throughout your yard. Large orders qualify for a discounted rate.

Bark in Rexburg is your sure way to add that extra curb appeal to your home that you may have always wanted. Retouching your yard up with a fresh new top coat is also a great way to further increase your yards curbs appeal. We know that you will love our bark and mulch products as we sell it to people throughout all Eastern Idaho. Call today for a free estimate for your bark and ask about how we can combine your bark delivery plus installation for one great price. Below you will find more info about the particular types of mulch and bark we carry at Let Us Clip Ya. Simply click the correlating button to the type of bark you would like to learn more about.

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western red cedar mulch
Western Red Cedar Mulch

Rich aroma smell, Repels insects naturally, Stays together and in one place, Sharp visual appeal to highlight your planting areas

red cedar mulch
Red Colored Enhanced Mulch

One of our most popular styles of colored enhanced mulch. Enlivens, cultivates, and maintains your yards aesthetic appeal

brown cedar mulch
Brown Colored Enhanced Mulch

Our most popular colored mulch that we sell! This mulch looks great for any property, adds color, and enlivens curbs appeal.

black colored mulch
Black Colored Enhanced Mulch

Strike vibrant curb appeal with our black mulch. This mulch looks great for properties looking for a strong accent appeal.

gold cedar mulch
Gold Colored Enhanced Mulch

Our classic gold mulch that will sure to look great on your property. Helps keeps down weeds, repeals insects, and enhances your yards appeal.

western bark nuggets
Western Bark Nuggets

If your looking for a country western look than our western bark nuggets our perfect for you! Great for keeping weeds down.

brown soil pep
Brown Soil Pep

Insulates plant roots naturally, Appeals as a natural landscape look, Loosens heavy, dense, dry soils for increased root health, Used in container and planter mixes to increase water stabilization.

black soil pep
Black Soil Pep

Black soil pep is a great alternative to brown soil pep. This classic soil pep riches and adds a sharp distinct fresh vibrant to any yard. This is a classic color that will be sure to provide a great accent.

top soil products
Top Soil

We carry the best top soil products in the valley. Our top soil is great for new homes and existing yards. Call us today for an exact quote on what top soil will cost delivered to you.